As a scientifically driven, global intellectual property asset management organisation, the mission of The iQ Group Global Ltd is to maximise the value and returns of life science IP assets on behalf of our clients.

Australia has a thriving life sciences sector, with dedicated researchers working at the cutting edge of scientific innovation, developing rich streams of intellectual property every day. Yet, taking these innovations from the discovery phase through to development and beyond is not simple, nor is it easy. It can take up to 15 years and cost nearly USD $2.6 billion to commercialise a single product. For every product that is successfully registered, there are many thousands that are not. Additionally, there are many threats that are inherent within the biopharmaceutical sector that can minimise the value of IP assets and impact on commercial success.

Therefore, capitalising on IP assets is crucial in realising the significant social, medical and financial value of research and development, both in Australia and across the world.


At The iQ Group Global Ltd, we drive the true potential of your IP by:

  • Providing visibility into the breadth of assets available
  • Investigating synergies available through other IP assets in the marketplace
  • Identifying new IP-based revenue streams
  • Developing strategies that harness IP assets to gain a competitive advantage


The iQ Group Global Ltd is a core member of The iQ Group Global Companies, a bioscience investment group providing specialist life science services to the global biopharmaceutical and investment sectors.

The iQ Group Global Ltd is able to leverage the service synergies in each iQ Company on behalf of our clients.

The result is the availability of extensive financial and corporate advisory services, investment opportunities, medical and clinical affairs, scientific due diligence and pharmaceutical sales solutions which can be utilised to support and assist the success of our clients. Additionally, the diverse global networks and sectors in which The iQ Group Global Ltd operates will ensure that the company is in an excellent position for growth.

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