The iQ Group Global Ltd mission is to maximise the value and returns of life science IP assets on behalf of our clients.

Our dedicated service offering utilises our exceptional research and development capabilities and expertise to design and implement strategies that allow for the successful:

  • Corporatisation and monetisation of IP vested in compounds, devices, diagnostics and technology platforms
  • Data mining of patent portfolios
  • Development of value-add patent strategies
  • Identification and completion of portfolio acquisitions
  • Pursuit of divestment and licensing opportunities and;
  • Provision of cost-effective IP management services across every stage of the development life cycle
  • In this way, we ensure the successful translation of research into healthcare innovations that reap scientific, financial and social benefits across the globe.

Through our services, we can ensure that our clients:

  • Cultivate current revenue streams
  • Acquire new revenue streams
  • Improve cash flow
  • Strengthen development pipelines
  • Fulfil the potential of existing products
  • Move into new markets and territories
  • Minimise internal costs
  • Strategically utilise their scientific innovations to maximise the return on research investment